Azure Sphere: A Secure IoT Platform

Jewell Seay

IoT devices are under increasing attack, yet have very little in terms of a secure design or platform to build upon. They are increasingly being abused to become part of botnets. Even with this threat, few IoT devices are designed for enterprises to securely update and patch a device, let alone maintain security during many years of use.

Azure Sphere aims to change the landscape and improve security across IoT devices, by introducing a trusted and secure platform to build software upon, combining the security of open source with Microsoft’s 7-Properties for system security.

This talk will cover the security posture and enhancements brought by Azure Sphere to the IoT world, touching on device security from the chip to the Linux kernel, user application isolation, network communication, cloud interaction, and what it takes to keep a system secure for 13 years.




  • Ryan Fairfax, Using Yocto to Build an IoT OS Targetting a Crossover SoC: slides · video (Open Source Summit 2019)
  • Ryan Fairfax, Azure Sphere: Fitting Linux Security in 4 MiB of RAM: slides · video (Linux Security Summit 2018)