TOPIC: OpenXT Platform

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PSEC2018 Videos & Slides

  1. Bruce Ashfield, Wind River — The meta-virtualization layer of OpenEmbedded
  2. Christopher Clark, Edgeform — Hypervisor-Mediated data eXchange (HMX)
  3. Daniel DeGraaf, NSA — Extending Early-boot Trust to Service VMs in Xen
  4. Justin Johnson, Dell — Dell Firmware Security: Past, Present, and Future
  5. Brendan Kerrigan, AIS — Anti-Evil Maid with UEFI and Xen
  6. Lars Kurth, Citrix — Xen Security Weather Report 2018
  7. Kevin Pearson, AFRL — SecureView Overview
  8. Ian Pratt, Bromium — Hypervisor Security : Lessons Learned
  9. Daniel Smith, Apertus Solutions — TrenchBoot: Unified Approach to Harness Boot Integrity Technologies


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