Xen Security Weather Report 2018

Lars Kurth

The Xen Project is unique in its breadth of adoption and diverse contributions. Many vendors in the ecosystem are not directly competing, enabling collaboration which otherwise would not be possible. While hypervisors were once seen as purely cloud and server technologies, they are now used in many market segments to add compartmentalization and layers of security. This has led to renewed focus on older technologies, such as L4Re/seL4 and new technologies such as zircon, ACRN and others.

Meanwhile, the Xen Project has been trailblazing in adopting virtualization in new market segments and continues to innovate and set the direction for the industry. This has enabled downstream Xen developers to build viable businesses and products in areas such as security and embedded. This talk will cover Xen feature changes that are driven by security needs, and the challenges of safety certification within the context of open source projects and Xen Project in particular.

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